Rockwood Beer Board

The Beer Board establishes policy and procedure for the issuance of permits to sell beer, and to compel enforcement of the City Code by means of inspectors. Beer permit applicants must appear before the Beer Board for consideration of their request for a beer permit.

Bobby Anderson Term ends 11/30/2022

Keith Synder Term ends 9/15/2024

Todd Farrell Term ends 9/15/2024

Randy Russell Term ends 6/30/2023

Michael Dugger Term ends 9/15/2025

*Board meets on request at City Hall. Meetings are advertised.

Rockwood Board Zoning Appeals/Planning Commission

These are two separate public bodies. The planning commission is empowered to study land use issues and develop comprehensive or specific plans relating to public infrastructure, transportation, or any development issues. The planning commission also reviews and recommends the zoning ordinance changes to the city council. These changes may include text changes to the zoning ordinance or rezoning, which changes the zoning designation of properties within the City. This commission also adopts subdivision regulations and reviews any division of property to insure that appropriate public infrastructure is in place such as lot size, water and sewer services, any health department approvals, lot frontage on a public road. The subdivision regulations are adopted solely by the planning commission and any appeal from this commission’s decision must be taken to chancery or circuit court. The Board of Zoning Appeals is a quasi-judicial board that hears appears from property owners who think that the building official or any government official has acted in error on any permit relating to the zoning ordinance. It also handles interpretations and special exceptions when allowed in the zoning ordinance. Any appeal from the Board of Zoning Appeals’ decision must be taken immediately to a court of appropriate jurisdiction, usually chancery or circuit.

Both the commission and board meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm.

David McLarty Term ends 9/1/22

Mike Fuller Term ends 11/30/24

Stephanie Floyd Term ends 9/1/24

Bob Layton Term ends 9/1/22

Mary Kau Term ends 9/1/22

Harold Ishman Term ends 9/1/22

Mayor Miller Term ends 11/30/22

*Board meets every 2nd Monday of the month at 5:30PM

Rockwood Civil Service

The Civil Service Board has oversight for the operation of the city’s personnel program to ensure that the city adheres to the merit system principles and practices.

Tommy Monday Term ends 7/1/24

Twila Ishman Term Ends 7/1/26

Billy Grigsby Term Ends 7/1/25

Tom Bowman Term Ends 7/1/22

Jan Wilson Term Ends 7/1/22 

**Board meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6 PM at City Hall.

Rockwood Golf Board

The Golf Boards offers advice to the appropriate authorities concerning issues relative to equipping, maintaining and operating the various municipal golf facilities.

Derwin Gould Term ends 7/31/23

Steve Bryant Term Ends 11/30/22 

Roger Powell Term Ends 8/1/22 

Scott Lawson Term Ends 8/1/24

Pleas Rollins Term ends 8/1/25

*Board meets every 1st Wednesday of the month at 6PM.

Rockwood Industrial Board

The Industrial Development Board may acquire, develop, lease and sell property to facilitate new businesses locating to Rockwood or assist businesses in expanding their operations. The board may also issue tax-exempt revenue bonds to assist in the financing of projects.

Vickie Watts Term Ends 10/20/22

David Mclarty Term Ends 10/20/24

Mary Gail Gallaher Term Ends 10/20/23

Clarence Gabriel Term ends 12/18/23

Matt Jones Term ends 12/1/2024

Mark Clem Term Ends 11/1/2024

Rockwood Library Board

The purpose of the board shall be to advise the City Council and Library Director on policy matters pertaining to the Rockwood City Public Library. In addition, the board shall assist in preparation and presentation of the Library’s annual operating budget, assist in the development of short and long-term goals for the provision of public library services to the community, represent the interests of library users, foster public knowledge and support of the library’s role in the community and promote its use, participate in state or network activities intended for library board members and, such other related duties as requested by the City Council.

Leanne Malicoat Term Ends 11/19/23

David Ridenour Term Ends 11/19/23

Kathleen McKinney Term ends 11/19/22

Peggy Evans Term ends 11/30/24

Anita Moore Term ends 11/19/22

Ed Greif Term Ends 11/19/24

Mitzi Jones Term Ends 11/19/24

*Board meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3:45PM.

Rockwood Recreation Board

The Rockwood Recreation Board is responsible for the acquisition, development, improvement, equipment, and maintenance of city parks and public playgrounds; future development of city parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities, and purchase of additional land for those purposes; and improvements in the maintenance, operation, and general welfare of the city’s parks, grounds, and recreational facilities and their use by the public.

Eddie Green Term Ends 7/1/23

Mike Lloyd Term ends 7/1/24

Joe Gann Term Ends 7/1/21

April Wilson Term Ends 11/30/24

Matt Goddard Term ends 7/1/25

*Board meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM.

Rockwood Water, Sewer, And Natural Gas System Board

Bobby Anderson Term Ends 11/30/22 

Mark Clem Term Ends 6/30/24

Lorne Bone Term Ends 7/1/23

Joe Moore Term Ends 7/1/25

Jeff Penley Term ends 7/1/22

*Board meets at City Hall every 4th Tuesday of the month at 6 PM unless otherwise advertised.

Rockwood Electric Utility Board

Randy Childs Term Ends 11/30/22

Harold Holloway Term Ends 11/30/22

Larry Davis Term Ends 6/30/23

Don Layne Term ends 9/28/24

Wade McCullough Jr. Term ends 7/1/22

Board meets at REU on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 4:30 PM unless advertised otherwise.

Rockwood Housing Authority

Kelly Wilson Term Ends 7/1/23

Andrea Nuckols Term Ends 6/30/24

Jim Cooley Term Ends 3/8/24

Gail Lyke Term ends 3/28/25

Sherry Hill Term ends 7/1/23

Please contact RHA at 865-354-9841 for meeting information.

Board of Adjustments & Appeals

Todd Ferrell Term Ends 6/1/22

Beth Howard Term Ends 6/1/22

Dennis Butler Term Ends 6/1/24

Joe Moore Term Ends 6/1/24

*Board meets on request

Health & Education Facilities Board

Harold Holloway Term Ends 11/1/24

Becky Layne Term Ends 11/1/24

Butch Evans Term Ends 11/1/22

Mary A Owings Term Ends 11/1/22

Mark Clem Term Ends 11/1/24

Tommy Mayes Term Ends 11/1/26

Ron Berry-Advisor

*Board meets on request