Municipal Court

When is my court date, what time is court, and where is court?
The court date, time to appear, and location are listed at the bottom of citation. Rockwood City Court is held at the Rockwood City Hall Municipal Services Building located at 110 N Chamberlain Avenue, Rockwood, TN

Can I reschedule my court date?
City of Rockwood offers a one-time courtesy reschedule. If you request a second reschedule, you must provide documentation for medical or emergency situation to be reviewed by the court before a second reschedule can be done. To reschedule your court date contact the court clerk Rockwood City Hall (865) 354-0611 during regular business hours. This request shall be made in ample amount of time before the scheduled court date.

What happens if I missed my court date and did not pay my citation prior to court?
The court will mail "Notice of Failure to Appear" to your address listed on citation, giving you 30 days from date of notice to pay or contact our office.

Can I attend driving school?
Driving school must be awarded by the Judge during court.

Do I have to attend court if I only have Light Law/Registration/DL address changes/Insurance violations?
If you are cited for light law violations, and do not wish to come to court, you must bring the vehicle and receipts, if any, to Rockwood City Hall. The vehicle will be inspected at that time to ensure the light is in working order. The clerk will note on citation that lights are working, and judge will review notes and make his decision.

For registration and DL address change violations, a copy of current registration and current DL address can be provided to court prior to court date. The judge will review information and make his decision.

For insurance violations, a copy of insurance that was in effect on violation date must be provided. The judge will review information and make his decision. Please be advised that the judge cannot dismiss insurance violations if insurance is obtained after citation was issued.

Where can I pay my fine?
Payments can be made by check, cash, debit or credit card at City Hall, by debit or credit card on the phone, or online by clicking here.

Will my traffic offense put points on my license?
If the ticket is paid prior to court or if the person is found guilty, depending upon the charge, points may be put on the person’s driving record.