The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Roane County, and believed to be the oldest Tennessee Highway Patrol station east of Nashville. Its architecture also makes it important. The building is Craftsman style, featuring a native Crab Orchard stone exterior and tile roof. A museum dedicated to the THP is located inside. Anyone wishing to tour the museum may do so by appointment by calling the Rockwood 2000 organization at 865-354-2131 or 865-306-9543.

Use 504 S. Kingston Avenue, Rockwood for gps location or corner of Kingston Avenue & Nelson Street

A little history: Kingston Avenue, commonly known as the Dixie Highway and the primary road through Rockwood, became a major connector to much of east Tennessee. The Tennessee Highway Patrol built a station in 1936 in response to concerns for public safety along this route. State Troopers traveled every day by motorcycle from Rockwood to Bristol. Before radio communication became reliable, messages were left for them at local businesses by posting flags, alerting the Troopers they had messages. The station was used until 1952. Rockwood 2000, a local community group, secured a grant to restore the building and convert it into a museum.