Rockwood Parks and Rec Adult Co-Ed Softball Rules

  1. Teams will consist of at least 10 Players. No more than 15. You may play a game if you have at least 8 present. Must have 3 females minimum on roster.
  2. Metal cleats are not allowed.
  3. Each team furnishes their own gear and approved slow pitch softball bats. Parks and Rec will supply balls. Same ball will be hit by men and women.
  4. Once you hit the commit line from third to home you cannot go back. To score use the off-set homeplate. The catcher may tag runner coming home or touch normal home plate to get runner out.
  5. Pitching distance is 50 feet. Base distance will be 65 feet.
  6. You must play at least on female infield and at least one female outfield every inning. If you do not have enough females you must leave those spots open.
  7. Batting order will alternate sexes with the order having 1 female bat after/before 2 male batters. Ex:1m, 2m, 3f, 4m, 5m, 6f etc. If you have no more than 2 females on your team, the females must still bat in female slots in the order. If you are unable to bat a female for every 2 males, you must take an
    out in the female slot.
  8. 1 team captain should be available and only that team captain can request a conference with the umpire. We are concentrating on fun and exercise with this league, so please refrain from arguing calls and show utmost sportsmanship. Any unnecessary arguing of calls or outbursts can lead to game suspensions or being tossed from the league. No cursing allowed. No alcohol allowed.
  9. Each game will consist of 6 innings or 1 hour and 15 minute time limit. Whichever comes first. If a tie at end of game, extra inning may be played with sudden death rule in place. Last out runner placed at second base.
  10. Mercy rules are as follows: 12 runs after 4 innings, 10 after 5 innings.
  11. Teams may substitute freely on defense with rules in effect for females playing one infield and 1 outfield.
  12. A foul ball is a strike even on third strike. No courtesy foul balls.
  13. Runners must stay in base path except to avoid player fielding the ball. If a runner runs into fielder making a play on the ball, the runner will be called out. If a fielder not making a play hinders the runner from reaching the next base or returning to previous base, the runner will be granted the next base. If the runner is not on the base before the pitch is released, runner will be called out. Runners may overrun first base only. Stealing is not allowed.
  14. If you intentionally try to bunt you will be called out. No bunting allowed.
  15. No courtesy runners allowed. Except for injury purposes.
  16. Ball is in play until umpire calls for time out.
  17. If a player is ejected, their spot in the lineup remains and you take an out when it’s their time to bat.
  18. Any other rules adhere to normal softball rules or as decided on a case by case basis by parks and rec employees or umpire. Again, our focus is on fun, socialization, and exercise.

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