Please check this page often as we will update it with new forms and information about the additional services offered by the police department.
Citizen Complaint Form Link
You may use the link above to open, complete, and print a complaint form. The complaint form is made available to you as a courtesy in the event you wish to file a complaint against an employee of the Rockwood Police Department. The form must be fully completed and signed before being submitted in order to have your complaint investigated. Please read the information at the bottom of page two which describes your responsibilities should wish to you file a complaint. We DO NOT investigate anonymous complaints. You may also appear at the police department located at 115 N. Front Street, Rockwood, TN 37854 and complete the complaint form in person. It will be necessary for you to follow through with the responsibilites outlined in the form on page two for the process to work properly and provide due process to our employees. Click on COMPLAINT FORM to open the form.

R U Safe Program Form Link
Please click on the link above to see the requirements and register for the "R U SAFE" program.

Extra Patrol & Vacation Checks Requests Form Link
If you have a request for extra patrol or you are leaving you home/business for a few days and would like extra patrols, click on the link above, complete the form, and follow the directions.

Worthless Check Information Form Link
If you have been victimized by the passing of a worthless or bad check, please click on the link above and complete the form. Follow the directions and bring the packet with you to the police department or have it ready if the officer responds to you. Completing the packet will assist us as well as help us expedite your complaint.

Records Request Form Link (Tennessee Freedom of Information Act Request)
You may use this form to request a copy of an incident report under the Tennessee Freedom of Information Act. Please note that only those incidents that are CLOSED are available. Click on the button below to request a record.

Alarm Registration Form Link
The City of Rockwood ordanance’s require residential and commercial alarms be registered with the Rockwood Police Department. The cost of registering your alarm is an annual fee of $12.00. Complete the form and drop it off an the police department located at 115 N. Front Street, Rockwood, TN 37854.

Home Security Checklist Form Link
Click on the link above to see the "HOME SECURITY CHECKLIST." This checklist will provide you a guide to help prepare your home to better prevents instrusions by would be theives.

Identity Theft Tools & Information Form Link
The attached form will provide you with information about what to do if you feel you have been or are a potential victim of identity theft. If you have been a victim of bank or credit acrd fraud we suggest you CLICK HERE to retrieve this information and folow the instructions to protect yourself and your credit. Additonal information is available here in the Identity Theft Victim Tool Kit. We suggest you also download this as well.

Obtain a Copy of an Accident Report
Use the link above to access the BuyCrash website to obtain a copy of automobile accident report investigated by the Rockwood Police Department or any other department. Follow the information on the BuyCrash website.