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Why are the fire hydrant tops painted different colors around town?
The colors represent how much water that particular hydrant will flow, this provides a quick reference for the fire dept. in the event of an emergency.

Will the fire department assist me with the installation of a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector?
Yes, the fire dept. will assist with installation of your smoke detector as long as you sign a liability waiver. We also provide home owners with 2 free smoke detectors that are provided to us thru participation in the state fire marshals office ” GET ALARMED ” program, however per state law TN code ann. 68-102-151 we do not provide detectors for rental properties as this is the responsibility of the property owner and or landlord. We do not provide or install carbon monoxide detectors.

Can I have a children’s car seat installed in my vehicle?
We do not install the car seat for you, however we do have several certified car seat inspectors on staff that will help determine if you have the proper car seat and if so will assist you by demonstrating how to properly install the car seat and then remove it from the vehicle, then you will be required to install the car seat yourself while we observe and guide you. We do several car seat inspection checkpoints annually at different locations and we will do one on one inspections at the fire station during business hours 9a to 5p subject to availability of staff, please try to call ahead if possible 865-354-3121.

Can I get fire safety and fire extinguisher training?
Yes, we provide written literature on fire safety for all ages when available and we can do presentations when requested. We are also able to provide fire extinguisher training with our state of the art fire extinguisher simulator bought with federal grant money. We can provide classes to corporate businesses and industries as well as groups but we do not do one on one classes with the simulator. We will provide one on one guidance and advice for fire extinguisher operation and what type and size to purchase. Please .feel free to stop by the fire station or call at 865-354-3121.

Do I need a burn permit every time I want to burn in the city limits?
You are required by TN Forestry and state law to obtain a burn permit from Oct. 15th to May 15th, however we ask that if you are burning anywhere in the city of Rockwood that you obtain a burn permit as a courtesy year round, you can call at 865-354-3121. Per EPA and TDFC you are only allowed to burn natural foliage (leaves, brush, branches, etc.), it is prohibited to burn any construction or building materials, furniture or household trash of any kind. In the event of an emergency while burning, such as the fire spreading or getting out of control please call all.

If I work on Saturdays, how can I get rid of my Household Hazardous Waste?
All of the convienance centers in Roane County take used oil and antifreeze except for the Pumphouse location, the Post Oak location also takes oil and latex paint and stains on Tuesdays only. Roane County does not take chemicals or pesticides.