Rockwood Parks and Recreation operates four specialized sports/recreation facilities for use by the citizens of Rockwood and those visiting. Brillo Miller Sports Complex is a state of the art complex consisting of five baseball/softball fields and one soccer field, both suitable for multiple age groups. Tom Fuller boat ramp is located on Watts Bar Lake and gives fishermen access to the water for fishing and recreation purposes as well as a place to fish off of the dock. The Rockwood Community Center is home to our city league basketball games, swimming during the summer and birthday parties throughout the year. The Gateway Avenue basketball/tennis courts are outdoor courts for public use. It contains three full basketball courts and two full tennis courts. JH Dinger field is also a baseball/softball field used by the Rockwood High School softball team for their home games as well as city league practices. These facilities are maintained and managed by the Rockwood Parks and Recreation Staff.

INSURANCE POLICY: Any group wishing to rent these facilities must have written proof of $2,000,000 in liability insurance and have Rockwood Parks and Recreation specifically named as an additional insured.

FEE SCHEDULE: The base cost of renting the Brillo Miller Sports Complex is $75/day/field with a minimum rental of (2) fields. One day tournaments will be considered if schedule allows. This cost includes preparing the field(s) for play. Additional preparations during the tournament will be charged at $25 dollars per field, plus an additional cost for Quick Dry ($20 a bag), if needed. A deposit fee of $100 is required at time of scheduling each event.

UMPIRES AND OFFICIALS: Rockwood Parks and Recreation reserve the rights to approve all umpires and officials used for games played at the facility. The Parks Director will make this decision. We prefer that local, qualified umpires and officials be used. Umpires must be registered and in good standing with whatever group they are representing. Umpires must be properly attired at all times. A “head umpire” will be designated as the primary contact with the Parks Director.

MANDATORY MEETING: There will be a mandatory meeting between Rockwood Parks and Recreation Director and Tournament Director prior to the tournament at an agreed upon time to discuss officials, inclement weather policy, insurance, etc.


Renters are responsible for the following:

·         Advertising

·         Scheduling and paying umpires

·         Scheduling games

·         Providing balls

·         Providing tournament rules and brackets

SCOREKEEPERS: The official scorekeeper for each game will be allowed inside the main tower to operate the scoreboards.


Rockwood Parks and Recreation will be responsible for:

·         Field Supervision: A “ Field Supervisor” is someone who will best represent the field’s interest and have the final say on issues as playing conditions, curfews, etc.

       Field Preparation: Before field rental begins, the fields will be prepared to play. This includes mowing the grass, striping the foul lines, dragging the fields, placement of bases, etc. This will be completed daily.

       Concessions: Concessions will be provided during the time that the fields are rented.

·         Bathrooms: Clean bathrooms for men and women will be provided.

·         Trash pickup: Trash is to be emptied daily, or as needed. Users are strongly advised to remind their participants to use the provided receptacles and not to litter. “Leave it better than you found it.”

·         Game times: Games will not start before 8am or after 930pm on Saturdays and will start at 1pm on Sundays.


INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: Each renter will have a written “Inclement Weather Policy” on hand for their activities, in case of rain or other weather conditions that might delay or postpone games. There must be a plan of action that allows for speeding up play, or shortening the total number of games to be played in case of a long delay. ROCKWOOD PARKS AND RECREATION reserves the rights to determine when fields are not playable. Under no circumstance will a field be used after a Director/Supervisor has determined the conditions are unsafe for users or will be harmful to the fields.

PARK RULES: Rockwood Parks and Recreation has the following rules for facilities that are expected to be followed by all users of facilities. Violator will be asked to leave the premises.

·         No alcoholic beverages.

·         No pets during games.

·         No outside coolers.

·         No outside food or beverage.

·         Profanity WILL NOT be tolerated.

·         No soft toss into fences

·         No knives, firearms, or explosives ( unless authorized permit by law, Rockwood, or Roane County)

OUTSIDE VENDORS: Vendors selling items during tournaments are allowed on-site at facilities. Any group wishing to rent all or part of facility, shall have written proof of $2,000,000 in liability insurance and have Rockwood Parks and Recreation named specifically as an additional insured. Rockwood Parks and Recreation reserves the rights to determine where vendors may set up. There will be a vendor booth charge that will be agreed upon by Rockwood Parks and Recreation and vendor.


Park and Recreation Director

Kenny Lower

Kenny Lower



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