1. Provide and keep covered an adequate number of strong, durable, rodent, and insect proof, refuse containers of not more than 32 gallons capacity and no more than 3 cans for residential.

2. Containers shall be placed at the location for collection no earlier than the evening before the collection day and no later than 7:00 AM. Containers must be removed as soon as practicable after collection until the next scheduled time for collection.

3. Location of containers for collection—Where alleys are used by the city refuse collectors, containers shall be placed on or within six feet of the alley line in such a position as not to intrude upon the traveled portion of the alley. Where streets are used by the collectors, containers shall be adjacent to and back of the curb or adjacent to and back of the ditch line if there is no curb.

4. Container and contents cannot weigh more than 35 pounds. If container is full of water or any other liquid it will not be pick-up.

5. All garbage needs to be in bags. No loose garbage will be pick-up.

6. Each container shall be equipped with lifting handles and a tight-fitting lid.

7. Containers shall not have any sharp edges that might injure a person handling it.

8. Liquids of any kind will not be picked up.

9. Grass clippings, and or leaves must be separated from household trash. To have these items collected please call 354-0184 to get on the pick- up list.

10. Brush materials & tree trimmings must be separated from household trash. There is a separate charge for all brush pick-ups. A full load is $50.00. To have these items collected please call 354-0184 to get on the pick- up list. Trees/debris and brush cut up on private property by a contractor must be disposed of by the contractor. Trees/debris and brush must be no longer than 12 ft. Chunks/stumps larger than 12” in diameter must be separated from the limbs. Tree debris cut up by a property owner and brought to the curb can be picked up by the city at $50 per load. The city will not pick up any debris on private property.

11. Special trash pickups, anything other than household garbage, such as furniture, clothes, tv’s, and junk etc…will not be collected with household waste. For collection of these materials, please call 354-0184. There is a separate charge dependent upon the size of the load.

12. We do not pick-up chemicals, tires, batteries, shingles, paint cans.

If policy is not followed garbage will not be picked-up.