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Training is key to our profession, as in any job or activity “practice makes perfect”, well not really. Coach Vince Lombardi used to tell his football players “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellance”. We will never be perfect because were human but we will continue to learn so we can be as good as possible at our job. We train so we can become more knowledgeable as individuals and as a department. Training is our way of showing our commitment to being the best we can so our customers get the best protection they can.

“Incident Safety Officer” Class, 2014 (click images for larger pic)

Hose Testing 2015 (click images for larger pic)

Response to Utility Emergencies 2015 (click images for larger pic)

Wildland Urban Interface for Structural Company Officers 2015 (click images for larger pic)

Vehicle Extrication Recertification Class 2015 (click images for larger pic)