Boards & Committees Meetings
Golf Board
1st Wednesday 6:00 p.m. @ Golf Course

Zoning Board & Planning Commission
2nd Monday 5:30 p.m. @ City Hall

Civil Service
2nd Tuesday 7:00 p.m. @ City Hall

Library Board
3rd Tuesday 3:45 p.m. @ Library

REU Board
3rd Tuesday 5:30 p.m. @ City Hall

Parks & Recreation
3rd Wednesday 6:00 p.m. @ C. Center

City Council
4th Monday 6:00 p.m. @ City Hall

Rockwood Water Sewer and Gas Board
4th Tuesday 6:00 p.m. @ City Hall

The following boards meet at different times depending upon need or
other requirements.
All meetings are published in the local paper and at city hall.

Beer Board
Industrial Board
Housing Authority
Board of Adjustments & Appeals
Health and Education Facilities Board