The City of Rockwood is in process of rebranding the city for the future. Rockwood was a Cherokee village in the late 1700s. General John T. Wilder founded it as the headquarters of the Roane Iron Company in the late 1860s. The city was named in honor of William O. Rockwood, the first president of the Roane Iron Company. Over the years, the city has also been known as a “railroad” town with trains coming and going all hours of the day and night. With the closure of the Roane Iron Company and other types of manufacturing leaving not only Rockwood, but the U.S., the city now feels it is time to rebrand itself as Roane County’s Recreation Destination.

Rockwood is blessed with breathtaking mountains on one side and beautiful Watts Bar Lake on the other. The city’s Tom Fuller Park on Watts Bar Lake is also a huge recreational asset. The boat ramp is home to several large fishing tournaments each year, some hosting more than three hundred boats. There are many more smaller tournaments all year round. Many improvements are being made to the city’s lakefront including a permanent stage that can be used for fishing tournament weigh-ins, concerts, and other types of events. The city hosted its Inaugural Rockin the Ramp event at the lake this year as a springboard to what the future holds for lakefront development in the area. A large sewer project is in the works for the Marina/Resort and Tom Fuller Park. This investment into sewer will also provide a wonderful opportunity for residential and commercial development surrounding the lake.

The recently approved Rockwood Marina & RV Resort is under construction and has plans to open in the Spring of 2023. The town completed 2.5 miles of upgraded sidewalks, new sidewalks, bike lanes and an asphalt trail connecting downtown to the city’s lakefront a couple of years ago. This greenway will enable those staying at the RV Resort to walk or bike into town to eat at local restaurants and shop at local businesses.

The city owns one of the nicest sports complexes (Brillo Miller Sports Complex) in the region with five baseball/softball fields, and a soccer field that abuts Rockwood Forest Trails. Rockwood Forest is a multi- use trail for mountain bikers, hikers, and trail runners. There are several more miles of hiking/biking trails in the works. The city council voted to purchase additional property that connects Rockwood Forest Trails to Mt. Roosevelt that overlooks the town. There is plenty of parking available and nice concession areas. The city hosts many tournaments in the complex throughout the year and have often played host to Statewide Dixie Youth tournaments that have brought several thousand visitors to the area.

In Rockwood, a person can walk, hike, bike, play all kinds of ball and enjoy boating, sailing, jet skiing, tubing, water skiing, knee boarding, swimming, fishing, camping and so much more. Attracting more tourism to the city will not only create revenue and take the burden off our taxpayers but will create jobs and encourage entrepreneurship.

Rockwood leaders feel it is time for small towns like theirs to capitalize on the things all around them for people from far and near to enjoy. The city hopes rebranding will attract more tourists and make them a destination for visitors. The city wants tourists to enjoy all it has to offer, in addition to all of Roane County and the region.

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